Flash: Following a Lead

Photo by Valentin Salja on Unsplash

The dog led the way, as it had from the time it crossed Ebenezer’s path six days ago. It led him to shelter the first night, and the next day it led him to berries to fill his starving belly. The near week in the winter hellscape, his boon companion brought him to a hot spring and recent animal kills, tree shelters and caves. Ebenezer never had a dog before, and wasn’t sure if the relationship was more reversed. Seeing the structure break over the hill, the lost hiker became even more uncertain about their relationship but at this point he was too tired, too desperate, too dependent to question. He followed where the animal led.

(words 116; first published July 10, 2022 – from a picture prompt for a Facebook writing group. Aim is about 50 words)