Author Spotlight: Theresa Glover

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Some people are Rays of Sunlight to this Happy World; Theresa Glover is not one of them. A self-described relapsed writer and dream-chaser, Ms. Glover creates unique and twisted characters for her horror and urban fantasy writing. The Unbidden comes from the horror end of things and Caitlin Kelley is at the beginning of her urban fantasy. Her writing lives between where all things end and new hope hasn’t arrived. Except for Caitlin who lives in the Bubba-verse, which skews to humor. 

If you drop by the Falstaff booth at conventions, you will find her cheerful face working the booth while she, in her capacity of chief minion, orders the rest of the staff around like marionettes. 

Outside of conventions, whether working a day job or writing, Ms. Glover crawls through the dark depths of the human psyche in search of new, frightening character inspirations. For relaxation, she dissects horror movies in the dark. Writing horror and other genres perks her up, makes her happy.

Read her happy twistedness – horror or urban fantasy.