Flash: Beep

Acquired from Unsplash

No one visited the old ship anymore. It had failed them, and the generation born from the Sky-Fallen followed in their parent’s manner, avoiding the heartbreak of broken promises. At least the double-sun hid the black. Stars didn’t cruelly shine on their lost travelers.

Except Julius. Last born of the Sky-Fallen, full of the nanites to help others to survive the dark and radiation. They had the third and last booster the day navigation glitched. Unlike their brethren, they had no memory of the stars and they had all of the hunger for the unknown the children lacked. They came often to this inbetween place. The only location between sky and ground that understood them.

Thus they heard the beep.

(words 120; first published 4/30/2022 – created from visual prompt for a Facebook writing group. Goal was 50 words; I went over.)

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