Other Cool Blogs: Magical Words 6/2/2010

Dragoncon 2019

Conventions are to writing as Facebook meal shots are to food. You don’t think that dozens to thousands of people on top of each other has anything to do with writing, but they do. Networking, career advice, and squealing when you realize, yes – that is EXACTLY who you think it is!!!! are just a few of the reasons to attend. Newbie writers to season pros, enthusiastic readers wanting to become beta reads to editor-publishers, fanfic artists to cover artists. Everyone has a place at the registration table and a reason to be rubbing elbows.

Faith Hunter provides lists of what a person should aim to get out of a con – as an unpublished writer, as a published writer, and as a reader – in the Magical Words 6/2/2010 “More on Cons” –