Flash: Be Ninja

Acquired from the internet

Working late night pizza shift is interesting. The 12:21 am request gave me a challenge, but fortunately my parents always stored a ton of masks in the car from the COVID days, like a pandemic might break out at any moment over a decade later.

I pulled down the stocking cap against the cold and pulled up the mouth protection mask / neck garter. The electric car idled silently, wanting for the key to be back within its four-doors.

Five tween boys, and one very harassed male teenager who looked very much like two of the others, quietly answered the door after I tapped on the window. The buy-two-and-get-one-free special would not make it to morning with that lot.

The truly fun part was teleporting back to the car while they were busy juggling the pizza after I took it out of the insulated bags. My ability to hear the space I just left for ten minutes after a teleport made it perfect. I waved from the car before pulling out as the ten-year-olds muttered “Ninja” in awe.

(words 178; first published 4/30/2022 – created from Facebook writing group prompt)