Blog: Metal Rat

Image created by Jeff de Boer Sculpture

Happy (Chinese) New Year – The Year of the Metal Rat (as of January 25).

Rats like their shinies – so they bring opportunities to earn money. A great year for new beginnings for long-term projects or strengthening existing projects. But, like the rat is clever, you need to be clever when starting the new things. The projects should be carefully planned, not just a “ooh, shiny”. You need to outsmart the cat. Invade the castle. Win the war. Get the cheese.

Hmmm. Cheese.

Not only are rats resourceful and clever, but they are also brave. This is the year to put on armor and change the world. Again, through planning. 

Voting in the presidential election is obvious, but hardly the only step. You want the world to change – participate. Write material which changes people views. Instead of a dozen unknowing microagressions, be purposeful in your writing. Add people of color, of different sexuality, of different political views, of different strata, of different ages. Make everyone real. This takes a lot of risk, because you need to meet these other people and get to know them and write them right. Put on that metal and pick up the sword and be Brave and Daring like a rat.

Be careful because Metal not only brings persistence, strength, and determination, it also brings rigidity – setting people in their ways. When you stand up for something, make sure it something worth standing up for.

Good luck in this year of the Metal Rat. I hope your New Year’s Resolutions are going well.

Use today to reflect. Clear out the resolutions which were poorly planned and re-attempt the ones which you want to reach. This is the year to do it. Be clever. Be brave. Be strong.

The Rat is behind you.