Flash: Wind in Her Hair

Photo by Candice Picard on Unsplash, cropped and colored by Erin Penn

The blonde tosses her hair as she walks out the cabin door so the seawind doesn’t grab it, hitting me in the face with her golden tresses. I wish I could say the effect is erotic with the scent of sunshine on lilacs or the feel of silk brushing my lips.

Actually, I will go with the feel of silk – spider silk. Black widow version.

Just like the poisonous bitch ahead of me. Too bad I can’t backstab her right now, but that would go badly since we will be docking in elfhome shortly. I slowly lift my hand to remove the strands. She barely tolerated being around a human being for the entirety of the journey; spitting in her hair wouldn’t go well but moving fast would go worse. Her reflexes are insane and any move within a certain range was treated like an attack.

Because of the chain around my waist, I am always within range.

(words 158; first published 5/19/2019)

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