Other Cool Blogs: Magical Words June 14, 2013

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Missing the Magic

It’s posts like “I’LL SHOW YOU NOT TELLING” by James R. Tuck which I miss most about Magical Words. Raw, unfiltered, spot-on writing advice – not sanded down and made pretty.

“Show, don’t tell.” has been stated so often the phrase no longer has meaning.

Until Mr. Tuck picks up the advice, shakes it in his teeth, tears off a bite, and spits out the rest. Looking at the mutilated NSFW mess the pretty phrase now is in, suddenly the words are more real than ever before:

“I know how we writers are. We feel like the reader needs to know all the back story to really understand what we are trying to write….the ins and outs of the plot, the history and texture of the worlds and characters we have created so lovingly.

It’s bullshit. … Don’t you dare TELL me that crap.”

Want to see Mr. Tuck’s “I’ll show you not telling”, go here: http://www.magicalwords.net/james-tuck-2/ill-show-you-not-telling-something-i-read-somewheres/