Flash: Decanting

Rating: Mature

Carrying the last of the missing scientists from the burning facility, the mystery man dumped him with the others next to the arriving ambulances. I am concerned. I don’t recognize half of the labcoats or the man who knew the facility well enough to get them out. As security chief for Morning Star Enterprises, I should know everyone from that facility. At least three of the labcoats had names not on the list I keep.

I checked off Anderson; he was the only one left on the list I did have who hadn’t answered his phone or been taken away by the EMTs. Anderson was a chief researcher investigating drugs to maximize human potential. His team recently had their new antibiotic go into human testing.

I walk over to the mystery man. His skin was blackened from the fire and who know what other chemicals are being released from the facility. Everyone else arriving on site is wearing haz-mat suits complete with oxygen masks. A medical worker is trying to steer him to an ambulance without success.

I see some black strips fall off the man. I hope they are from burned cloth, but the man seems to be completely naked. One of his ass-checks bubbles with second-degree burn blisters. The other side black from an oily substance. Other than these two issues, it is the finest butt I have ever seen.

“Hello, I’m Jophiel Caster.” I introduce myself. “I need to ask you a few questions.”

The man turns his deep blue eyes on me. The pain nearly makes me miss the arrival of a couple black sedans. The police detectives have arrived. So far the on-site police have just been directing traffic. Rules and priorities were about to change. I hope Lucette, the CEO, arrives soon before the media circus begins.

Unable to keep eye contact, my eyes drop to his generous lips which I note are twisted in distrust. A feeling I share. Not with the man, but with the situation. I just realized Lucette had been keeping me away from the Indian Land Facility for months now. Something tells me that today’s fire, this man, and three scientists whom I haven’t done background checks on are just the beginning.

I fade out in personal anger, barely seeing the hairless sculptured chest in front of my nose. Sure we were opening our first out-of-state facilities, but I should have noticed the shell game Lucette was pulling. I always had to keep an eye on everything he did from a security standpoint. Lucette was a little too obsessed about research; his passion made him a great CEO. People were willing to risk millions on his beliefs.

Refocusing on the man in front of me, I notice his dick standing proud. Hair curls around it waiting to be touched. The black oil substance has begun to run down his legs leaving his skin clean. The man never responded to my introduction and turns away from the police line blocking the road. As he walks toward the landscaped woods, I notice the butt no longer is burned. The bubbles have disappeared under the oily substance and the other side is rapidly clearing showing tanned skin. Unless the man was always a nudist, this was very bad.

Oh God, is this the genetic creation I have tried to talk Lucette out of? Fuck. He speculated about it five months ago. I told him never in America. The next month he started the expansion. I thought that meant five or six years to get big enough to be in a country without America’s ethics, and also out of my watch as I would quit before dealing with resplicing human DNA on the level Lucette wanted to experiment with.

Shit. Lucette did go forward with it. Scrambling after the creature, I hiss, “B.O.T.I.S., wait”

My world gets reordered when the man freezes. Basic Organism Test of Ideal System. Fuck, fuck, fuck. He responded. Maximum of four months old, of course he follows orders. Probably not successful on the first try, so likely younger than that.

I grab his wrist and drag him to my car. Stuffing him in I say, “I don’t know how much you understand at this point, but I am going to get you someplace safe.”

He holds onto my wrist. “I understand. The man we need to avoid will be here in four minutes. Give an officer your information and get us out of here.” He then grabs my oxygen tube and rips it out. “An excuse to leave.”

Four minute exposure to the chemical soup. I run to where the detectives are located. Why did they have to be where the smoke was pouring out the heaviest?

They accept my clipboard, checklist, card, and explanation one of the scientists spasmed earlier damaging my mask and it finally broke. I escaped as the first of the news vans pull up, demanding all the police to hold them back. None of the reporters have hazard material gear.

In my car, I find Botis in the passenger side wearing the jogging suit I keep in the trunk. The top, thanks to my generous breasts, was big enough for him. The bottom emphasized a prominent feature I should have no interest in. The thing beside me wasn’t human.

Once we were on the road, his hand rested on my nape. “You will need to pick up everything you need from your house and empty your bank account. We will not be able to use anything traceable.”

“Stop touching me.” I say through gritted teeth.

“I must,” replied the male. “I was only decanted nine hours ago and don’t know how to talk yet. I am just glad you will be my mate.”

I realize I never heard his voice, tenor or bass. Fuck, fuck fuck.  My breast swell as he continues to massage my neck. Oh, fuck to infinity.

(Words 987 – originally appearing at Sunday Fun on Breathless Press 3/17/2013 – See the picture that inspired the story! – As I do not know the copyright permissions, I have not copied it here; Republished in new blog format 7/8/2018)