Flash: Climate Companions

Image provided by FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Ice strolled down the little used road looking for a place to rest. Behind it, frost tinged the trees while meandering, touching a leaf there, a twig here. Snow followed close behind, just a dusting, but enough to bring fog outside for a dim day.

Lynnsie rocked on her porch watching the approach. Behind the four friends, ice, frost, snow, and fog, nasty weather patterns were ganging up to chase their kinder winter cousins down, changing the gray canopy to black, except where lighting streaked a temporary bleached curl of clouds.

The road to her place was long, and she didn’t have much in the way of neighbors. Nature and weather chatted with her and kept her company most days, helping her drink lemonade during the summer and hot tea during the winter.

Today, though, she waited for what the storms would bring. With still a few hours until the tempest blew in, all agitated from being shoved up to Canada by the jet stream and dragged back to the moist south once good and cold from the polar shield, she enjoyed the quiet of the winter children playing.

Ice stopped at the bench by her front steps, coating them and the sidewalk with a slippery layer. Shy frost quickly nipped at her nose in affection before running back to its stronger cousins. Snow stayed at the edges of the lawn, not liking the warm spring in her backyard, while fog raced past everyone, giving her an insubstantial wave, to jump into the natural spa.

(words 255; first published 6/17/2018)