Flash: Following Orders

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Strewn with blood and bone, the celestial battlefield had no dead bodies for only the immortal angels fought. Feathers and skin burned as fiery swords melted through exhausted defenses. The raqia below formed and turned for untold eons only noticed by the opposing armies as a down direction. A few angels had fallen towards the new planet when wings had been clipped, but mended long before hitting ground and the beings immediately returned to the ranging maelstrom.

In the conflict’s center stood proud Lucifer, an angel who questioned his purpose and demanded free will. His army formed a protective sphere around their assigned general. Michael, Uriah, Gabriel and Raphael were unable to drive their undying legions through the blockade to the heavenly traitor.

The swirl of battle broke combatants apart and reunited others. Beyond the immediate strife, Kamella protected a pathway. The Supreme Being had plucked her out of Michael’s soldiers. She was pleased to stand guard while the Supreme Being crafted a new plane of existence. Firstly, being chosen was an honor. Secondly, defending the way removed her from the possibility of crossing blades with Herne. For untold eternities they had delighted each other. Assigned to different archangels, no restriction was placed on their relationship. Now that blessing turned into a curse.

Only a few of Lucifer’s rebels escaped the four armies surrounding them. Kamella dispatched the depleted minions quickly. Skilled in war as few angels were before Lucifer’s ego selfishly consumed him, her great stature allowed her to stand easily against two or three angels by herself. The midnight winged creature wielded two fire swords and two shields, leaving two of her six hands free for grappling.

Outside the primary engagement, she watched and worried. Somehow Lucifer was slowly gaining and the outer defense sphere leaked. More and more opposition tried to investigate the road she defended. None passed over the threshold.

A spike attack broke combatants free from the center. Dozens of multi-hued beings were funneled to her post and the broad paved avenue beyond. Several had form-changed into ferocious visages. At their front was a golden haired angel who remained in the form he had been shaped to hold. His black eyes flashed in his perfect face. In his left hand was a blue-flamed sword. His right hand curled in a half-formed charm. Herne, the love of her existence and one of Lucifer’s best scout captains, closed on her position.

Not wanting to see what her clever male was about to release, Kamella completed the three-in-one spell she kept at ready for an organized mass attack. Two clones flew out to meet the new arrivals; black avenging angels plunging into the fray against the servants of the Angel of Light. Flame and steel clashed with renewed fury. Herne’s charm failed when one of his companions severed wing fell on him.

Without hesitation Kamella attacked Herne when he came to rest relative to her. His scouting group’s armor and battle skills wavered under her other selves’ fury. Blinking back tears, she effortlessly blocked his attack with one uplifted shield and drove her right sword into his hip. She whispered, “I’m sorry,” as he fell to his knees.

Her regret did not keep her from using her left side shield to throw Chase’s attack out of line. Grabbing Herne’s closest friend and second-in-command with her two free limbs, she lifted him with a grunt and threw him at an incoming monstrosity. Her own huge size made dodging difficult but the collusion displaced the flyer enough to miss her and sail past the nexus she guarded.

Herne tried to use the diversion to roll past her. She kicked his burning side with her booted foot.

“Please don’t make me do this.” She begged.

Grabbing her boot to topple her, Herne replied. “We must serve as we were created, my heart.”

Her red tipped wings caressed his face as they pushed him closer to her legs. She used his recentered mass to increase her personal balance. Her black and his white feathers mingled in a parody of embrace.

She needed to concentrate on eliminating his squad. With regret, she drove a sword through his leg to prevent him from sneaking past. His scream pierced her.

Turning her face to where her last duplicate fought, Kamella’s blue eyes widened as she watched the sphere surrounding Lucifer explode out with the force of a nova. Angels boiled towards her in the hundreds.

Bracing herself forward against the wind of beating wings, she fell at the sudden pressure change on her back. She burned her hand grabbing the sword she pinned Herne with to prevent him further injury. She used the fiery steel to pivot and landed hard on her side beside him, pulling the sword lose. Her large wings protected them both as the Supreme Being’s presence passed over them, returning to the celestial arena.


Even Lucifer’s minions froze at the command. For too long the Being they been created to worship had been absent. Everywhere swords lowered and the choir started offering adoration.

Herne’s limited two arms devoted themselves entirely to encircling her waist, hugging her closer during the moment’s peace. Without thinking Kamella’s chin rubbed the blond’s hair in affection.

Muffled by their wings, the coupled barely heard Lucifer resonant voice rallying against his Liege.

Kamella grasped the white angel’s face with two hands. Just before she captured her favorite lips, Herne whispered, “I will love you forever.” Covered by angel wings, the two kissed.


Rolling onto her back before her greater weight crushed him, Kamella howled as Herne was torn from her arms with one final Word from the Supreme Being to Lucifer.


Grabbing with her half dozen hands, she tried to capture him before he was exiled from her plane of existence. Her enormous strength allowed her to succeed. Tapping the ability to change shape, she transformed her feet into claws to anchor herself to the firmament. Blue eyes met black in fear and desperation. Created as mirrors to each other, they had only tolerated the rebellion knowing when it was over they would be reunited. His legs were being tugged into the whirlwind siphoning Lucifer and his followers. Her arms bulged as she tried to save him.

“No!” she cried.

In the end, the Word of the Supreme Being determined the outcome. Even their immortal flesh could not deny the instruction. Herne twisted and turned as the whirlwind worked to free him from her grasp. Both wrists holding him back shattered as she tried to absorb the worst of the torque to save him pain. Bones burst through skin, covering her arms and hands with slippery blood. Before her other hands could grasp his forearms, Herne was snatched away.

Kamella collapsed in anguish as Herne’s face disappeared screaming down the path she had guarded for so long.

Others returned to their appropriate levels in heaven. Locking her agony away, Kamella picked up her swords with her quickly healing hands and returned to her post. The Supreme Being had not changed her orders.

None shall pass over the threshold without permission.

Facing towards Lucifer’s realm, Kamella’s long watch started. The black she searched for scouts foreshadowing the Fallen’s next attack only reminded her of eyes she would never see again.

(words 1,239 – originally published 4/3/2013 – published in new blog format 5/6/2018)