Flash: External Dialog

Image courtesy of podpad at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Every day I wonder, wonder.

Every day I go about my business, going crazy and stuff. Why do you ask?

Why are you crazy?

I really don’t want to be.

But you are. Crazy that is, right?

If you say that I am.

I’m in your mirror, so I pretty sure you are.

But everyone talks to themselves.

But not everyone hears the answer.

I don’t want to be crazy.

Then don’t be.

It isn’t that simple.

Why not?

Because …

Don’t roll your eyes and shrug at me.

This. This, exactly!

Not an explanation Original Man.

I can’t even.

Or odd. Try again.


Come on.


Want what.

To be alone anymore.

Great song.

Not helpful.

Sorry. … But it is a great song.

We’re done here.

Okay – see you tomorrow! Oh, and brush your teeth.


Back at you!

(Words 142 – first published 5/20/2018)