Author Spotlight: Margaret S. McGraw

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When you go to conventions as a guest, you always have some trepidation about who else is going to be on panels with you. Will they be well spoken? Do they understand the topic? Will they let you get a word in edgewise or will you need to carry the show?

And then you walk in to the editing panel and see Margaret S. McGraw at the table and you sag a little in relief. Always professional, always smiling, well-read and knowledgeable – with her on the panel, the day just got a lot better.

Ms. McGraw is an editor more than a writer. She helped organized Lawless Lands and The Weird Wild West, as well as the upcoming Chasing the Light. Her fingers in the pie take anthologies to the next level.

If you attend a convention and she is in attendance, get a sit in the audience. She will make it worth your time.