Flash: Take Out

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Rating: Mature

Natalie pulled into Kryler’s driveway with every nerve ending throbbing. The first meeting of the day was with Gustavo, and his Spanish accent and Latino looks set her off. Usually part of the day was spent in a pleasant daydream of sandy Mexican beaches, sipping Fuzzy Navels and being fed chocolate by cabaña boys and a Latino lover.

Today, the daydream would start with her tanning, her bikini top untied. Behind her, someone would pour warm oil over her. When she looked over her shoulder Kryler would be there, smiling, rubbing the oil in, moving his hands lower in a sensual massage. The daydream disintegrated time and again to making love in the waves, making love on an empty stretch of beach, being carried into a hammock under palm trees and having amazing sex.  Anytime she had a few non-thinking moments – standing in line for lunch, walking down the hall, waiting for the computer to save – her mind would return to the beach and Kryler.

The drive from work had every daydream from the day replay with phantom strokes touching her back, her breasts, between her legs. She was so wet and ready, she was shaking.

Natalie used her key to get in. Must be nice to inherit a house from an aunt. With no student loans, since he dropped out of college, Kryler was home free monetary-wise. Half of his paycheck went to his 401K. The man was so lucky, he drove a car he won answering one of those “come in today, you have already won contests” from a dealer.  The type you go and get a new water bottle or screwdriver; the type only one person in the United States is going to go home with a new car he didn’t pay for.

Still she couldn’t complain about his generosity. His one-year anniversary gift to her for dating was paying off a student loan. One down, only seven to go. Maybe she should consolidate, but if she did she would lose some of the special privileges offered for student loans. Consolidation switches the loan to a bank loan.

Frowning she tucked her shoes beside another four sets in the entrance way. Drat, he wasn’t alone. Her typical luck.

She looked in the designer-home quality kitchen. Copper pots hung over the cooking island. Not a dirty dish to be seen. He and his three guests hadn’t broken for dinner yet.

She removed a few bills from her purse as she went deeper in the house to the man-cave basement.  Sounds of rolling dice welcomed her as she made her way down the steps. Four boys were gathered around the table with stacks of paper, pencils, a couple of weird screens, and dice. Kryler declared, “The goblin found a kink in your armor and his rusty knife bites deeply. You take 10% damage.”

“Shit, I already was down to 50%.” Efren shuffled papers around. “During my next round, I will be using a Nightingale bandage to close the wound.”

“Sounds great, you won’t need to check for tetanus if you heal the wound with magic.”

Andre, who had been facing the staircase, greeted her during the lull in action. “Hey, Natty, what’s up?”

She hated being called Natty. Kryler’s friends were an immature, irreverent bunch of computer geeks, constantly over playing games. Not a single one of them had a girlfriend. She wasn’t even certain Efren or Will had ever kissed a girl, though Will was pushing thirty.

But while they might not know what to do with a real woman, she did know what to do with them when she wanted alone time with Kryler.

And she really, really needed alone time with Kryler right now. God, just one good stroke and she would cum screaming.

“Sorry to interrupt boys, but I need Kryler for a moment.” Her high heel pumps, tight skirt, and overly sensitive clit kept her hips swaying as she made her way to Kryler’s chair.

“Oh, no.” … “Damn.” … “But it was just getting good.” Went around the table.

“Here’s twenty-five dollars. Go do a pizza run.” She tossed the money out as she leaned over to bite Kryler’s ear.

Andre picked up the money as Natalie slid her hand inside Kryler’s shirt when he leaned back into her nibbling. Her Peter Pan pulled her face closer to kiss her firmly on the lips.

The three lost boys started making their way up the stairs. She could feel the uncomfortable waves rising off of Will and Efren and smirked as Kryler pulled her into his lap. Soon she would have him to herself.

Andre spoke for the group. “Umm, we will be going then. The pizza will take about an hour since we aren’t calling ahead.”

Arranging herself astride Kryler’s lap, so he could feel her wetness against his stiff jeans, Natalie replied, “And boys, get a pizza with plenty of meat for my man here. He is going need some protein by the time you get back.”

Kryler slid his hands under her rump, arching her cleavage into his mouth. Over the hurried pounding of the leaving boys, he whispered, “You do realize you just solidified my rep with them for all time.”

Natalie laughed. “Now you just need a solid rep with me.”

He lifted her onto the table, pushing over a screen. Several dice bounced noisily onto the floor, rolling towards his overpriced game console. She pulled off his “STAND BACK, I’m about to do science” T-shirt, tossing it after the dice. He yanked off her underwear and pushed the skirt high before unbuttoning his fly.

“Well, I have a hard rep right here.” His rigid cock rubbed against her throbbing slit. “Ready to believe?”

“Convince me.”

(words 959 – first published 9/12/2013; republished new blog formation 2/18/2018)