Blog: New Year 2018

Image acquired from; Text added by Erin Penn

Each year I share my writing goals. I did awesome in 2016. 2017 ended with a splash, but my writing goal achievement was lackluster. On the other hand, the fire rooster of 2017 brought my editing activity onto the front burners, nearly boiling over in August and September. I hope the 2018 dog year balances the two halves of my word-smithing soul, with the continued fun of editing and the creative joy of writing.

Review of 2017 Goals:

  1. Completed the transfer of my stand-alone blog to the website.
  2. The blog on the website, while not constant, ended the year close to the three posts a week goal.
  3. Publication did not happen, not of novels or flirts, but thanks to NaNoWritMo a non-fiction book on writing exercises is in the works.
  4. Submit to three anthologies. Did not happen.
  5. Bonus goal: Panelist at convention. Did not happen. But I did go to DragonCon for the first time.
  6. Not a goal: Became a content editor, with six books in various stages of the publication process. Man, did this change around writing efforts.

The goals for 2018 under my power:

  1. Join the 500 club every day – specific to sale-able product. (The 500 club is writing 500 words. Do this every day for a year and I will have 150,000 words. Allowed to have one day a week off, but only one.)
  2. Keep the blog on the website strong. Three posts a week.
  3. Publish (either by others or by self) a non-fiction book and at least two fictional works of 10K or more words.
  4. Submit to three anthologies.

Bonus Actions (not under my power):

  1. Publish in an anthology.
  2. Publish under a publishing company in addition to self-publication.
  3. Shepherd at least three books to final publication through the editing process. Add at least three more books the pipeline.

What I am letting go

  1. Multiple conventions. Unless I am producing things for people to buy, I can’t justify attending conventions. I need a year to concentrate on writing.