Flash: It was a Dark and Stormy Night

Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net

The dark night did not blink and waver in the manner he was used to. Urban darkness could be surprisingly absolute at unexpected times, then twist and turn to a gray dimness hiding more danger than total dark could. But the sticks had their own danger, and the moonless night was pure black from storm clouds rolling in throughout the day. The stars he had been promised would light his way were well hidden. A streak of lightning crashed through the darkness, destroying what little night vision he never had a chance to develop. Roiling thunder silenced the animals as they scattered for their secret shelters. Words he learned from his drill instructor before they ejected him from boot camp rose to his lips, but were soundless because the sudden deluge of the rain covered all vibrations except for the pounding wet.

At least the things looking for him won’t be able to find his scent.

(Words 156 – first published 1/16/2013; published in new blog format on 12/3/2017)