Author Spotlight: Jeanne Adams

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If you get to a convention with Jeanne Adams and she has a special lecture, GO TO IT. They are always amazing, informative, … and deadly. Not what you expect from an author whose sparkling eyes and blonde hair go with writing landing on the romantic side of the genre street (with fantasy and/or science fiction mixed in). Her one fundamental belief: #LoveAlwaysWins.

I’ve got to attend her Fighting seminar and her How to Dispose of a Body lecture. Just the things writers and editors need to know.

Her Romantic Paranormal series Haven Harbor follows a town run by witches. I personally love her science fiction novellas from Outcast Station she writes with Nancy Northcott, with Ms. Adams writing about the medical staff on the space station while Ms. Northcott writes about the police force planet side. And her science-fiction / fantasy romance mashup series of the Slip Traveler provides the perfect story of what happens when a wizard has to hunt aliens, and a time-traveling spy needs to deal with monsters out of myth.

In other words, if you have been looking for some romance which isn’t straight romance but might have a mix of police procedural, fantasy, medical, or science fiction – Ms. Adams is an author to add to your reading list.