Author Spotlight: Marion Zimmer Bradley

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Coming home from Pennsic, I thought I would do an Author Spotlight on the woman who named the Society for Creative Anachronism while she lived in Berkeley California. When the college-related group of medievalists needed a name to rent a park, Marion Zimmer Bradley came up with the name on the spur of the moment. Her SCA name was Mistress Elfrid of Greenwalls, and she was instrumental in getting branches started in the New York area.

Her most famous work is The Mists of Avalon, and you can see the impact her time with the historical reenactment group had on her writing. Nothing like being able to talk to men and women who actually put on armor to make things more believable. After all, write what you know. As she concentrated on her work, her time in the SCA got less and less. Her other series include Trillium and Darkover. Her impact on the fantasy genre was extensive.

As well on those who live a slice of The Dream in the real world.