BLOG: End of the Year

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Hey all, one last fifth Thursday of the year and the last posting for 2016. Can you believe I just finished an entire year of the new format? And not a single time did I need to apologize for falling behind.

New Year’s Resolution 2016 Unlocked!

Quite cool to have reached this. Took a lot of work.

So what do you think? In 2013 when I started this blog, I was writing one flash a week. In 2014 I was doing two flashes a week, most of the time, until I didn’t. In 2015, I did a lot of writing exercises, for about two months. This year I had a huge mash-up of previously posted flashes, new flashes, book reviews, editing rants, author spotlights, writing exercises, and pointing to other interesting blogs I have run across.

And not only did I keep the blog going, but I got my website up and running and started a quarterly email newsletter (that one didn’t work out). The Facebook page continued to get little bits of news. Plus I submitted to several anthologies, and even got accepted into one.

Now I need feedback.

FOR THE BLOG: Was the new version of the blog good for you? Would you prefer it to return to being only flashes. Please note if it is only flashes, I will only be able to post once a week – is that enough? Are there any features you especially like, or ones that just don’t work for you? Do you like learning about authors I have met; how about the writing exercises?

FOR THE WEBSITE, NEWSLETTER, FACEBOOK, AND STORIES: What do you think? Is this too much or too little? Everything takes time, so if something isn’t working please let me know so I can devote that time to the things you do want to see. (I’m going to remove the newsletter in the upcoming year.)

Again, thank you for a wonderful ride this year. Next year, hopefully…definitely, will see a continuance of all the things started this year. Maybe even completing that novel I keep talking about.

I really hope to reach over 200,000 words between all the formats again, same as 2016.

2017 resolution is keeping this level of activity up. More on that January first.

Wishing you all some great holidays. Stay safe and well.

And please, stick around to see if I can unlock this achievement two years in a row.

Erin Penn