Other Cool Blogs: Magical Words November 27, 2012

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Image Courtesy of Tuomas_Lehtinen at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

The Perfection Myth

“I have to get this right.” How many times you have told yourself this as you revise your manuscript the 15th hundredth time? And we are just talking about the first page. You still haven’t written the second page.

Lucienne Diver gives some excellent advice on Magical Words of “Giving up on Perfect”.

Me. I like things right. A lot.

Learning having a thing “good enough to be right” does not mean “perfection” is still an ongoing lesson for me to master. As in perfect. Sigh.

At some point during our childhood we learn to color only inside the lines. Maybe Ms. Diver’s words can help you learn this lesson a bit faster than my long-time struggle. Link here: http://www.magicalwords.net/lucienne-diver/giving-up-on-perfect/