Geeking Science: Animal Bras

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“Probably no one in history has ever needed to write a sentence that contained the words “gecko feet,” “van der Waals forces,” and “strapless bras.” is the third sentence of “A Passion for Physics–And Fashion” published in Caltech’s E&S online magazine November 20, 2015. 

Today in Geeking Science, I bring you Animal Bras. Not animal print bras, but a strapless bra build using animal biomimicry to hold everything in place. Yes, this is for real. I know it is October and weird stuff happens – and with the presidential elections just around the corner in November this October is weirder than most. But the information isn’t from an Onion article – it came from Caltech’s Engineering and Science magazine.

The first weirdness which started everything is a total geek had a real, honest-to-goodness wife. One not afraid to wear strapless bras to be fashionable. Is this even allowed? Geeky doctorates with hot wives? I mean outside of television sit-coms.

Anyway, wifey was having the typical pull-tug-squash issues when Dr. Roy had an epiphany. “Gecko feet.”

I hope he didn’t say it aloud.

Geckos have the ability to stick on walls using van der Waals forces (need more information about how this work see the YouTube: Gecko Adhesive fit for a Spiderman). Dr. Roy conceived strapless bra insert working the same principal, tapping into van der Waals and gravity to hold everything in place. This isn’t some temporary glue, tape, or chemical adhesive.

As one male said when I shared the article during ConCarolinas 2016 “Year in Science” panel – “God Bless Science.”

Interested in the bra? Kellie K Products (Note from 4/26/2024: website seems to have been taken down since 2016) carries them. Not cheap, but any strapless bra that doesn’t end up at the waist when being worn carries a hefty price tag.