ConCarolinas 2017 (

Scheduled for the first weekend in June (2nd to 4th) in Concord, NC. I will be attending, but not the full weekend. Unfortunately I have another obligation all of Saturday. I will endeavor to be there Friday and Sunday. Look for me to be hanging around the Falstaff Publishing table, supporting the sales of the anthology.

ConGregate 2017 ( — Also DeepSouth Con this year

Scheduled for July 14-16 in High Point, NC. I will be attending as a visitor. On Friday, I will be wearing a medieval dress made specifically for the Hawaiian Shirt theme ConGregate has each year.

Pennsic 2017 (

Scheduled for July 28 – August 13 in Slippery Rock, PA. I will be attending as staff. Look for me at the intake booth. Also present each year is Michael Z. Williamson. He isn’t linked to me in any way – other than me buying books from him each year. The man is an awesome writer, and I love his Ripple Creek series.

Dragoncon 2017 (

Scheduled for September 1-4 in Atlanta, SC. I’ve never attended Dragoncon before; the scope and attendance levels are intimidating to an introvert like myself. ConGregate is just the right size; ConCarolinas pushes my envelope. Dragoncon is so far out of my comfort zone, I consider going to Mars instead a viable option. Wish me luck!

PS – Attending Dragoncon and being able to handle it will be one of the deciding factors whether I should continue to pursue writing and editing.