ConCarolinas 2016

June 3-5, 2016 … Concord, NC

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My first time being a panelist e.v.e.r! Been going to this Convention since 2011. And this time I am going to be on the other side of the table. Needless to day I am nervous, and stoked, and happy, and scared, and a bunch of other emotions.

Update 5/26/2016

They have scheduled my panels! It’s real – I mean, really real!


7:00 pm     The Year in Science – Moderator: Stephen Euin Cobb; Speakers: JT the Enginerd, James Maxey & Erin Penn

Scientific Discoveries made during the last 12 months. (oooh, I need to get on that research ASAP.)


10:00 am     Women in Science and Technology – Moderator: JT the Enginerd; Speakers: James McDonald & Erin Penn

Why don’t more women go into science? What can we do to promote women to go into science? Why do we even need more women in science in the first place?

2:30 pm     The Tech of Living for Centuries – Moderator: Stephen Euin Cobb; Speakers: JT the Enginerd, James McDonald & Erin Penn

Discussion of recent medical research aimed at extending human lifespan. Not if it’s appropriate, just what has been done.

5:30 pm     50 Years of SETI, Where is Everyone? – Moderator: Stephen Euin Cobb; Speakers: Dr. Ben Davis, DL Leonine, James McDonald & Erin Penn

A formal search for extraterrestrial intelligence has been in place for 50 years without meaningful result. Are we alone in the universe? And if we aren’t alone, then why haven’t we heard from anyone else?

10:00 pm     Welcome to the Anthropocene – Moderator:  James Maxey; Speakers: Dr. Ben Davis & Erin Penn

This year, the International Commission on Stratigraphy is set to decide whether or not the Earth has entered a new geological epoch: The Anthropocene. This is an age when human activity is a geological force writing itself into the very stones of the planet. What is the evidence that a new age has dawned? Do the geological footprints we’ve already left on the planet give us any guidance on how to move forward in the future? (This one is going to be great! – oh,  wow, did my day start at 10 am?)