Cross-Reference by Universe

Cross-References of Stories to the Universes They Appear In

Subworlds are specific groups of storylines within the world. For example while the universe of Ebony’s Rainbow is named after the computer program created by Kryler, Andre, Efren, and Will, the romance of Cheryl & Joe and the family dynamics of Melissa’s Brood are all located within the universeĀ and the characters might meet, for example Alijah seeing Kryler at a gaming convention.

Universe Subworld Flash Title
Atlantis Wardens Queen City Coven Light It Up
Atlantis Wardens Novel: Honestly If you love me…
Atlantis Wardens Novel: Honestly Honestly (Novel)
Near Future Sandbox Replicator Keep Trucking
Near Future Sandbox Replicator Pickup Line
Cons of Romance (Standalone) And so it begins
Cons of Romance (Standalone) First Day, First Hook
Cons of Romance (Standalone) Klingon Stomp Entrance
Cons of Romance (Standalone) They Meet