Cross-References by Character

Lists of characters appearing by story, in date order.

(*) indicates reoccurring character – to find all appearances, search on the character’s name.

First Date Posted Title POV/Main Character Other Characters Named
2/1/2010 Private Obedience ((Published ConDFW Booklet)) Horseman Steven Joelie Sarah's-Mate(*), Pierre d'Leon, Sarah(*), oldest son, Jillie(*), anteman, messhouse chef, Marques d'Leon, Minatoto
11/4/2012 Light It Up Angela(*) Trey Warden(*), Jerome, Kassandra Carter(*)
11/14/2012 Their Bench Julie (none given), Leroy
11/21/2012 Worth the Risk Shirley Frank
12/9/2012 (A) Kiss Genna John
12/16/2012 Face Off Anastasia "Stacy" Trey Warden(*), Thanatos
12/19/2012 Provisionally Cheryl(*) Joe(*), mother, kids (later stories name Scott(*), April(*))
12/23/2012 On Call Brianna Wally
12/26/2012 Funner (Part 1) Cheryl(*) Joe(*)
12/30/2012 Love on the Line Fran Leslie
1/2/2013 Funner (Part 2) Joe(*) Cheryl(*), April(*), Scott(*)
1/23/2013 If you love me... Kassandra Carter(*) Dewayne(*), Terrell(*), Mr. Nguyen(*)
1/27/2013 With the Moon Watching Other Places Henna unnamed male
1/30/2013 Inside Voice Cheryl(*) Scott(*), April(*)
4/10/2013 Memory of a Lifetime Cheryl(*) Joe(*), Scott(*), April(*), Joe's brother, Waitress
4/16/2013 Barefoot with the Rain Falling Down Alison Mr. Jewels
4/14/2013 Head Bowed Vicente Ubel(*)
4/17/2013 Reelier than Life (unnamed first person POV)
4/30/2013 Threshold Sanctuary Puffball/Peter Witch, Mooncat, Cajolery/Cal
5/1/2013 Honestly (BOOK) Kassandra Carter(*) Troy Nguyen, Dewayne James(*), Terrell James(*), Mr. Nguyen (landlord)(*), Kassandra's Mom, Angela (CMEMO supervisor)(*), Brinique, Lashaya, Troy's Mom (deceased), Mr. Williams, Miss Gail, Fred, Boulder, The Terror
5/7/2013 Lonely on the Road Kelly Jim, Luis, Carlo
5/24/2013 Waking Up Dead (unnamed first person POV)
7/3/2013 Scriptorium Mediation Private Jonathan Swartz Lieutenant, Luis, Sebastian
9/4/2013 Something to Throw (unnamed first person POV) (unnamed male)
9/7/2013 Bunny Hop Line Howie
9/17/2013 The Amores Theodore Nika, Young Beatnik, Sindee, Hampus
9/19/2013 Keep Trucking Betty Harlan, Magnolia, Sawyer, Parker
9/25/2013 Pickup Line Debb Cameron
10/21/2013 Special Night Rober Drew, Brie
10/27/2013 Ubel and Sidero Vinny Ubel(*), Sidero, Balash
11/27/2013 Beware the Fingers of Gods Skylar Lester, Jace
1/23/2015 Writing Exercise: Paragraph Breaks (unnamed boy) Matilda
1/31/2015 Writing Exercise: Switching Out Words (unnamed guy) Bartender, girl at bar
2/5/2015 Writing Exercise: POV Adam
2/12/2015 Writing Exercise: Dialogue and Scene Clifford(*) Rozetta(*)
2/19/2015 Writing Exercise: Dialogue Tags Clifford(*) Rozetta(*), Cashier
3/14/2015 Writing Exercise: Tools of the Trade Sheriff Roy Severance
7/11/2015 Writing Exercise: Ticking Clock Charlie(*) (later named Dougie) Soothsayer
1/17/2016 Used Tissues Melissa(*) LeVarr(*), Alijah(*)
1/24/2016 Monsoon Inspection Dolores Dolores' mom, Salim
1/31/2016 Is the Sky Blue? Eugene "Gene" Ranlo Gary Bergerson, secretary, Mike, head of sales, Angeline, Jordan(*)
2/21/2016 Smells Like Teen Spirit Melissa(*) LeVarr(*), Alijah(*), Sherra, Grandma Clark, PopPop, "Dad", Elaina
2/28/2016 Eat Half Joseph "Joe" Ranlo(*) Cheryl(*), Scott(*), April(*)
3/20/2016 It's Dirty Joseph "Joe" Ranlo(*) Scott(*), Cheryl(*), April(*), Karen
3/27/2016 Coffee Urn Jordan(*)
4/17/2016 Crossing Over Old man(*) Mother, Father, Jacomina, Blackfoot(*)
4/24/2016 Crossing Over through the Dog's Eyes Blackfoot(*) Old man(*)
5/15/2016 My Seat (unnamed first person POV)
5/22/2016 The Girl by the Window Eleonora Merritt, Clement
5/29/2016 The Telling of the Myth of Hariti Hariti Buddha
6/19/2016 Joelie and Sarah's Last Day Joelie Sarah's-Mate(*) Sarah(*), Jillie(*)
6/26/2016 Mist Clung Old female wolf
6/28/2016 Writing Exercise: POV and Scene Dixon Mother, Joshua
7/17/2016 No More Cheeseburgers Gilbert Heather, Diana, Gilbert's Dad
7/24/2016 Daisies are Happy Things Chris Mrs. Lin, Jeremy
7/31/2016 The Bleue Toscano Eggs of Power Viper / Drake (also Drakon Maionios ... or he could be lying) Ice Queen, Power Fist, Lydia, Gremlins
8/21/2016 Team Necro (Version 1) Caitlynn Gerald (*), Jenni (*), Caitlynn's Daddy (*), Caitlynn's Grandma, the General, Dr. Smith
8/28/2016 Lost Doorknobs First person (name and gender never given) Wizard Ex, Christian, Everett
9/18/2016 Team Necro (Version 2) Caitlynn Gerald (*), Jenni (*), Caitlynn's Daddy (*)
9/25/2016 There you are Rafaela Jenna
10/16/2016 School's Weird Miss Barrett Randalf Seconds, Selena, Javan, Ladybird, Dr. Saunders, Mr. Walker, The Barrett parents, Mrs. Giacosta, Kris, Alpine
10/23/2016 The Big Question First Person (female) Grayson, Grayson's mom
10/30/2016 Christmas Stocking Maria Laars, Patrick, Nelson, 3 hikers last name Green, National guardsman
11/20/2016 The Opening of the Swan Dougie (*) / previously name Charlie Maine Coon cat, black Rottweiller mix, yellow dog, brown dog, fourth feral dog
11/27/2016 Three Wishes Granted (Part 1) Jessica Emily, Kiran, Austin, Roxanne,Lucifer the Morningstar
12/18/2016 Thebe at Nymphs and Satyrs Thebe (*) Rhene (*)
12/25/2016 Thebe gets her Nymph Mask Thebe (*) Rhene (*)
1/15/2017 Flower Power Ebon Donnie, Ketzal, Maria, Lorenzo, Tykevius, Carissa
6/18/2017 Political Suicide Brett Senator Rebecca Evans, Margaret, Corrine, Senator Evan's husband and her three children, Senator Wilson, the President
6/25/2017 I am Not the Crazy One First Person (author) person on phone