DISCONTINUED Cross-References by Character

Lists of characters appearing by story.

Type of appearances are: POV character, Secondary (Second) character, Supporting (Support) character, and Mentioned (Mention) which is a character that didn’t appear in the story but was mentioned in passing. Some of these appear in other flashes. Some of the characters will have more than one type of appearance, for example Kassandra is mentioned in passing in Light It Up, but later gets her own novel.

Character Type of Appearance Flash Title(s)
Alijah Second Smells Like Teen Spirit, Used Tissues
Andre POV boobs
Andre Support Relocate, Take-Out
Angela Second Light It Up
Angela Mention Honestly (Novel)
Anita POV Pairs
Anthony Mention Half-Empty, Half-Hungry
Apollo POV Catskil Mating
April Rando Support Eat Half, Funner Part 2, It’s Dirty, Memory of a Lifetime
Betty POV Keep Trucking
Boulder Support Honestly (Novel)
Brent Aleman Second Cons of Romance Series: And so it beginsKlingon Stomp EntranceThey Meet
Brinique “Brinny” Mention Honestly (Novel)
Cameron Second Pickup Line
Carter (Mrs.) Mention Honestly (Novel)
Debb POV Pickup Line
Dewayne James Second If you love me…
Dewayne James Support Honestly (Novel)
Fred Support Honestly (Novel)
Gail (Miss) Mention Honestly (Novel)
Harlan Second Keep Trucking
Heather Second Cons of Romance: First Day, First Hook
Jason Support Cons of Romance: And so it begins…
Julia POV Their Bench
Julia’s husband (unnamed) Second Their Bench
Kassandra Carter Mention Light It Up
Kassandra Carter POV Honestly (Novel); If you love me…
Klingons (unnamed) Support Cons of Romance: Klingon Stomp
Lashaya Mention Honestly (Novel)
Leroy Mention Their Bench
Magnolia Mention Keep Trucking
Nguygen (Mr.) Support Honestly (Novel); If you love me…
Parker – version 1 Mention Keep Trucking
Parker – version 2 Mention Cons of Romance: First Day, First Hook
Sally Mention Cons of Romance: Klingon Stomp
Sawyer Mention Keep Trucking
Tara Miller POV Cons of Romance Series: And so it begins; First Day, First Hook; Klingon Stomp; They Meet
Terrell James Support Honestly (Novel)
Terrell James Mention If you love me…
The Terror (Troy’s Therapist) Mention Honestly (Novel)
Trey Warden POV Light It Up
Troy Nguyen Second Honestly (Novel)
Troy’s Mother Mention Honestly (Novel)
Williams (Mr.) Mention Honestly (Novel)