Other Cool Blogs: Magical Words September 16, 2017

All Good Things Come to an End

Every story, at least one hopes, has a solid beginning and an ending. The Magical Words story has come to an end. On September 16, 2017, the final post was uploaded by Misty Massey.

Goodbye Faith Hunter, David B. Coe, C.E. Murphy, John Hartness, Tasmin Silver, A.J. Hartley, Carrie Ryan, James MacDonald, Melissa Gilbert, Emily Leverett, .. your words and advice have been amazing. I shall miss this informative site.  I have learned so much from what you have shared.

Over the next few days, I will be going through the site looking for memories or missed gems. I don’t know how many blogs are left but I will be looking at them all and saving as many as I can. I also don’t know when the administrators are going to cut it off, so I will be saving as much as I can. As for the existing (and future) Magical Word posts, while the site is up, I will continue to point to it. When the site comes down, I will upload the content to my Magical Words posts.



Other Cool Blogs: Neil Gaiman May 12, 2017

“The impostor syndrome does not become you.”

Something I said recently to a fellow writer at a con – someone who had multiple publications in a variety of genres through large, small and self published means. He didn’t feel he had the right to speak about writing on a particular topic on a panel because he had only published one book in that genre and it was co-written.

The Imposture Syndrome eats at you as a writer or artist. “I’m not good enough.” “Everyone knows I am faking it.” “Why do people think I can ‘adult’ this?” “I didn’t learn this in school.” “I’ve only done it once.” … the list of the internalized dialogue goes on and on.

Thanks to our culture, it’s worse for women than men, but no one is safe. Even if you have been a published author for years and years. Even if you were the point of a very long spear of people getting you to a remote location.

Neil Gaiman’s anecdote really brings this home. You can find it at his blog here: May 12, 2017.

So when your impostor syndrome flairs up, remember the malady is common … and tell that inner voice it doesn’t become you.