Blog: NaNo Month Countdown

So 13 days until November. I am going to try the National Novel Writing Month this year and see if it will kick-start me back into writing. House buying and dozen of other things have absorbed my life energy, but I nicknamed my house the Peacock Writer’s Cottage to remind me of my goal of writing.

So next month I will write my heart out. I will post word counts and maybe even some excerpts. See you all on the Page Turn.

Blog: Reading Rainbow

Reading Rainbow Logo

Needless to say as a writer, I love to read and I believe everyone who is capable to learn how to read should be given the opportunity to not only learn how to read … but learn how to LOVE reading.

Reading Rainbow is one tool which can provide this love. I would be very happy to see its return even as a subscription app on the web. If you have an extra dollar, please contribute to this kickstarter. Make reading, fun reading, accessible to more children.

Let’s be clear, because some people have reacted negatively to the fact this is to help fund and improve LaVar Burton Reading Rainbow for-profit company, Kickstarter ONLY does for-profit activity. And, who knows, maybe with enough KICK, the subscription fees will disappear.

You-tube link:

Kickstarter link:

Blog: Life has stole me

Dear all,

Life has stole me for a time.

I know not how long.

Tax Season will be over April – and I hope to do some small stuff before then, but things on the writing side will be slow while I make living expenses.

Sorry for the delay on stories.

Erin penn

Blog: On Hold

Dear readers,

My blog is on hold while I deal with a lot of life. (1) I got a new day job that required training out-of-town for six weeks. (2) I got my normal tax job where I must learn this year taxes. (3) I got my normal self-employment gig in accounting which will be dealing with the quarter’s/year’s end. (4) Holidays (enough said).

Yes – I got three jobs right now, plus the love of writing. Eventually I hope to phase out the jobs and concentrate on the writing, but a lot of work will need to be done before I can afford that. Either that or somehow I mange to write the next 50 Shades. (smile)

Thanks for reading,

Erin Penn

Blog: One Year Mark

I started posting on Breathless Press Sunday Flashes on October 21, 2012. I transferred that material to this blog on November 11, 2012, but the flash writing really started a year ago today.

I only have five more Breathless Press Sunday Flash photos to work with, and then that era ends. Don’t worry, I got plans on what to do next.

Thank you all for reading and I hope the next year will provide even better reading as I continue to master my skills at writing. Join me for the ride, it will be great.

(Update 5/20/2016 With the new blog format starting in 2016, including migrating everything from the blog to the website, not all the original flashes are visible at this time. But they shall be back, never fear.)