Blog: NaNo 2017 Announcement

Writer issues – how do you sell your book if it crosses “established genres”? Well, your elevator pitch could be the story is a Inca kung-fu western MM erotica (yeah, got to edit that one for a publisher – a few editing rants may have came out of it). Or say the story is a superhero steampunk mystery (See “Mortar’s Ovation” in A Hero by Any Other Name).

Or what I am going to try for this year’s NaNo – a science fiction political thriller. The working title for the stand-alone manuscript will be: Internal Lies.

Yeah, shelve any of those in a bookstore. I’ll wait.

Mash-ups happen and we love them. Books or Music. I give you a Mongolian – Hard Rock – Folk Band (Hangai) in celebration.


Flash: Bound


Bound, hand and foot and wing tip. Eyes covered.

Angels soared.

Untouchable. Holy. Above all others.


His own fault.

Temptation wasn’t restricted to the fallen.

The only senses left to him were hearing and scent. And he could smell her. Her soft breath in the room. Her woman place moistening with heavenly debauchery.

His core clenched. He had given up so much to be right here right now. The blindfold imposed a darkness on him, frightening and arousing. The silk bindings tied him to earth like heavy chains and velvet kisses. Terrified, everything was sharpened to perfection.

A hand drifted across his chest. Playing with one nipple, dancing across his stomach. He had no belly button for the fingers to sink into, so they touched each indent of muscles and sinew.

Two hands came to his shoulders and pressed downward.

“Kneel, kneel to me my angelic love.”  The woman’s voice, forgiving sin, harshly pleading.

Willingly he went to his knees. He leaned forward to kiss a belly, delving for the human indent. Finding the center of her creation, the angel’s tongue licked around the edge before darting it in and out. Carefully, so the bones within the tongue did not press.

The woman’s hands curled into his blond tresses, one hand holding his head in place, the other encouraging his head further down. Begging and ordering.

He bowed his head further until hairs tickled his face. Moving forward, he sought out her secrets, holy and hellish, using only his mouth. He sucked her clit and laved her, separating her inner lips until he could taste her manna, her juices.

Leaning as he did, the top of his wings touched her breasts. The nipples hardened as the feathers danced back and forth. He directed the torsion axes to push the mounds together. Warm feathers caressed the womanly structures, directed individually with nerves created to control flight, each tingling as it registered contact and her reactions.

The woman’s knees buckled and she slid to join him in the exotic dirt. He crawled like a worm between her legs, small bits of dust rising like clouds about them. Rolling his tongue, he interlocked the bird-like bones together similar to a human locking an elbow. Sturdy and thick, the tongue, muscle and bone, dived into her road to hell, her channel to heaven.  Again and again, bringing her flavor into his blind darkness.

His wings, bound only in the tips, pushed her legs apart as she shook and bucked. He set the feathers dancing along the knees and inner thighs.

“Oh, God. Oh God.” She screamed prayerfully, ending in a climax chorus. Musical song shouted.

A song he had to hear again. He gathered her cream like a hummingbird sucks nectar, cleansing her nether realm. Her legs twisted against his wings as her lust rebuilt.

He locked his tongue again, but at a slight curve. Inside her being, he sought her bliss. Giving her everything she asked. Touching her soul, so he could follow her into heaven’s punishment.

God made humans in his image, how could he not worship her?

(words 518 – originally appearing at Breathless Press 10/6/2013 for the 4/22/12 Sunday Fun –  – The original photo was of unknown copyright so did not put on my site – published on old blog 10/6/2013; republished in new blog format on 10/8/2017)

Other Cool Blogs: Magical Words September 16, 2017

All Good Things Come to an End

Every story, at least one hopes, has a solid beginning and an ending. The Magical Words story has come to an end. On September 16, 2017, the final post was uploaded by Misty Massey.

Goodbye Faith Hunter, David B. Coe, C.E. Murphy, John Hartness, Tasmin Silver, A.J. Hartley, Carrie Ryan, James MacDonald, Melissa Gilbert, Emily Leverett, .. your words and advice have been amazing. I shall miss this informative site.  I have learned so much from what you have shared.

Over the next few days, I will be going through the site looking for memories or missed gems. I don’t know how many blogs are left but I will be looking at them all and saving as many as I can. I also don’t know when the administrators are going to cut it off, so I will be saving as much as I can. As for the existing (and future) Magical Word posts, while the site is up, I will continue to point to it. When the site comes down, I will upload the content to my Magical Words posts.



Blog: Blogspot Retired

Yesterday I retired “Erin Penn’s First Base” –

So much fun initially, the maintenance of two separate, parallel blogs stole time from other tasks once “Erin Penn’s Second Base” started. I’ve been adding posts, updating things as I grab second and minutes, then duplicating the work.

Time. I have to concentrate on what is the best use of my writing time. Having two blogs is not a good use, just like a regular newsletter turned out to be for me.  I am sad to see the “First Base” go, but pleased I am now firmly to “Second Base”.

I wonder what “Third Base” will look like.

– Erin Penn