Editing Rant: Redundant

Image courtesy of renjith krishnan at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

“Redundant” is a word I use a lot while editing. I’m not talking duplicate words or phrases, go-to words, or echo words. I’m talking about repeat of presenting information.

For example, the point-of-view character describes the villain of the story to someone. Two chapters later the POV describes the villain (or love-interest) to someone else using nearly the same phrases.

Recaps are well-and-good, once or twice in a book, especially an epic fantasy tome. So long as the recaps present the information in a slightly different fashion. Change up the words. One way to do this is having the events be described by a different character, and interpreting them from their viewpoint or with additional information. Have the recap pull double duty, showing something new in the characters or situation.

Most of all, TRUST YOUR READERS. They do have working memories.

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