Other Cool Blogs: James Maxey November 14, 2017

Quote from James Maxey

Meme created by Erin Penn (Quote from James Maxey, art from unsplash.com)


Why go to conventions? For James Maxey, it’s seeing how they react to his book covers and book blurbs. Do people walk by his book covers or do they stop? If they pick up the book and flip it over, do they set it down again or juggle the book while pulling out their wallet? Conventions are his market research, the time he can connect with potential buyers and see them react to his product.

In one of the most detail, complete and HELPFUL blog posts I have ever found on Conventions, “Selling Books at Conventions” goes beyond the typical “attend conventions for networking opportunities”. For Mr. Maxey, the paradigm of conventions being a monetary loss was a challenge he was determined to conquer, and you can find out all his tricks here:¬†https://dragonprophet.blogspot.com/2017/11/selling-books-at-conventions.html

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