Blog: NaNo 2017 Announcement

Writer issues – how do you sell your book if it crosses “established genres”? Well, your elevator pitch could be the story is a Inca kung-fu western MM erotica (yeah, got to edit that one for a publisher – a few editing rants may have came out of it). Or say the story is a superhero steampunk mystery (See “Mortar’s Ovation” in A Hero by Any Other Name).

Or what I am going to try for this year’s NaNo – a science fiction political thriller. The working title for the stand-alone manuscript will be: Internal Lies.

Yeah, shelve any of those in a bookstore. I’ll wait.

Mash-ups happen and we love them. Books or Music. I give you a Mongolian – Hard Rock – Folk Band (Hangai) in celebration.


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