Other Cool Blogs: Pop Culture Detective May 29, 2017

After watching Doctor Strange, I felt strangely let down. At first the character development and plot were strong, but about half-way through they were thrust aside for wiz-bang magic battles. So I rattled the change in my pocket and bought a ticket to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them which had all the wiz-bang magic battles and special effect, plus never letting up on characters and plot. I found the hero more engaging and sexy than the aloof, arrogant Dr. Strange.

A vlogger breaks down why Fantastic Beast is amazing; why heroes do not have to be bullies. Even as adults, the American culture still worships the high school popular jocks and pushes aside heroes who care for others, who stand up and say “no” quietly. Who Will Not Be Moved. Who offer a gentle caress instead of a fist. The police officer who helps a boy find his way home is as much as a hero as a police officer who shoots at a hostage holding bank robber.

We forget this truth too often.

WRITING EXERCISE: Review your various short stories and characters. Do you have any quiet heroes or heroines? Do you like them more or less than your superpower, warrior heroes? Are the only strong, quiet types old people offering sage wisdom? Are they all female or are some of them male? Once your review is complete, take a character from your present WIP and put them in a situation where they are a quiet hero. Write a flash of 500-1,500 words. How difficult was the flash to write?

READING EXERCISE: Find a children’s book where the hero (this one should be masculine) does not use direct opposing force to “win the day”. If you have children of a particular age you read for or recommend books for, the children’s, middle grade, or YA book should be age appropriate for the minor. How many books did you have to go through? 

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