Flash: Something to Throw

Business Lady Frustrated Stock Photo

Image Courtesy of imagerymajestic at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

The premise the intruder in my home office handed to me was brilliant.

“I don’t have anything to throw at you that won’t hurt.” I growled at my supposed friend.

He chuckled from the recliner where he was relaxing … my recliner … in my office … taking another sip of his sweet tea. “It’s a great story idea, admit it.”

“Yes, but not the one I was working on.” My glare did not turn him into cinders. “I had everything set up for a night of typing.”

“This still would be a night of typing.”

“But not the right typing. … The ones I have notes for.” I shook papers with my illegible scratching at him. “The story I have been thinking about all day.”

His smug amusement wasn’t helping my frustration. “You are coming up with the dialogue right now, aren’t you?”

“The voices they hurt.” I whimpered for effect.

Reality, I wanted to bash something. Instead I turned to the empty word processing document where I had been about to key in the opening scene I had puzzled out during lunch. The one I had been holding in my fingers for the moment I was home in front of a keyboard.

He was right. I was coming up with dialogue and actions and a dozen different ways the premise could be used. And those people were arguing with the other thought-people I had been playing around with all day. What a mess.

Snapping the recliner down, he left with a jaunty, “Well then, my work here is done.” No doubt he was going to play video games on my X-box before slipping down the hall to his apartment.

For me, my flash for the night is only starting. At least I got two, maybe three new ideas. I was behind on my blog so ideas were helpful.

I took a moment to add “Get something to throw” to my to-do list, and then started typing.

(words 328 – first published 4/4/2013; republished new blog format 9/4/2016)