Other Cool Blogs: Magical Words April 12, 2016

Cat reading over shoulder

Image acquired from the Internet Hive mind, via iFunny.com

Today’s visit to MagicalWords reveals another treasure from R.S. Belcher related what happens to your work after the initial writing stage: The League of Extraordinary Beta Readers.

While many people concentrate on professional wordsmiths, like editors and agents, getting your work read by READERS is important too. Mr. Belcher nicely sums up some of the things to look for in a beta reader. Editors find technical goofs, but a beta reader can give feedback like “I just don’t like this guy; don’t know why”. When three beta readers give the same feedback on, for instance, the secondary love interest hero, things may need to be fixed.

Another good post related to Beta Readers in MagicalWords:
AJ Hartley’sWriting fantasy: Slotted Spoons and the ABCs of Beta readers” (July 9, 2010)