Blog: New Year 2016

Image acquired from Internet Hive Mind

A new year, 2016!

Time to write again. Life grabbed me and beat me soundly about the head the past couple of years, but I am coming back.

This year’s goals:
1. Restart the blog
2. Start a newsletter
3. Start a website
4. Get a new self-published novel (or two) out.

Basically kick my writing back into gear.

To that end, the blog is going to undergo a severe facelift. Some things, such as the cross-reference of stories and characters, will be moved to the website. Everything else is going to be burned to the ground and restarted.

The new production schedule shall be:
1. Sunday – A flash story  (initially about half will be repeats)
2. Tuesday – Book Reviews, Author Spotlights, Writing Exercises, maybe an editing rant or two, and every so often a little look at my calligraphy and embroidery … because it is pretty
3. Thursday – Links to other people blogging about writing..

Hope you like the new Erin Penn’s First Base. (Feedback appreciated on what works and what doesn’t.)