Blog: ConCarolina’s 2013

CeeCee, the ConCarolina mascot, with Phoenix
CeeCee Artwork by Bob Snare

Just completed my fourth ConCarolinas and I had an absolute blast!

I attended 22 panels (mostly writer’s track) and one room party. Whew!

Last year (2012), at the end of the convention, I walked away going – “I did not learn anything new this year. I either need to start writing or stop pretending I am going to write someday.” – So I wrote and wrote (as this blog attests), and even self-published a little something-something to see what that process is like.

This year every class gave me something new. Now I want to rip up my one published piece and start over because I know all the problems – well, not likely all the problems. If I hadn’t published it, I wouldn’t know about these problems – so I am really glad I have it published. Learning is hard.

Don’t worry. Not going to discontinue Honestly. One of the lessons is you can spend forever “improving” your book. I want to tell new stories too. I am very glad I had Honestly to learn through, and I want to see what I can learn with other stories.

I hope to bring what I learned through the Convention to the page. Most of the new hints apply to the “long form,” meaning I need to start working on something other than flashes.

Thank you for joining on my journey of writing and I hope you continue to travel with me on the next leg of this adventure.