Blog: ConCarolina Slump

I know – I am about 4 flashes behind and I haven’t produced a new flirt for Amazon yet. Several things have dovetailed to produce this effect, but I am now working on overcoming them. Many issues are a result of attending ConCarolinas.

First off, I bought a lot of new books. And I promised the people I bought them from I would review them after I read them. So I have been reading tons and writing reviews. I have read Theiftaker (D.B. Jackson), Bump in the Night ((John G. Hartness), Prime Suspects (Jim Brenheimer) and How to Write Magical Words just to name a few. (All very good)

Secondly, after attending the panels at ConCarolinas and reading Magical Words, I realized just how many mistakes I made with Honestly. It diminished my will to write.

Finally, at one of the panels, David B. Coe, promised writing exercises. Somehow my subconscious has been waiting for these to come out.

Today the exercises were published on the MagicalWords blogsite. I finished the Magical Words book last night and I had made a promise to myself to catch up on my writing today. ConCarolinas turned my muse off and now has reactivated it.

Oh, and the flirts for Amazon, the next one will be better. Much better. I just needed to remind myself the point of this is to become a better writer. One does not simply start writing good material. As with all skills, one must learn and practice.

(Update 1/22/2016 – And have discipline. Discipline is important too. Hopefully I have now learned that lesson.)